Investors & Speakers

Luigi Amati

CEO at META Group
Luigi Amati is CEO of META Group and Vice President of Business Angels Europe, the Confederation of European Angel Investing (
As an early stage fund manager, he is the President of Zernike Meta Ventures, an investment company with over 100 ml€ euro under management, of which over 40 ml€ have already been invested in approximately 50 knowledge intensive high growth companies (
He is co-founder and CEO of META Consulting, a company focused on innovation, entrepreneurship and finance; a company started as local boutique firm now working with International Institutions such as the European Commission, the World Bank, the Interamerican Development Bank etc. (
As an Angel Investor he is one of the founders of Italian Angels for Growth, one of the fastest growing business angels groups in Europe, with more than 100 members, over 13 ml€ invested and 25 ml€ committed. He currently has a portfolio of start-ups in medtech, ict and social innovation sectors ( and is a Member of the European Commission Advisory Group on “Access to Risk Finance”

Jovan Paunović

Managing Director @ JP ICG
Chairman of the Board @ VisMedic
Mr. Paunovic is Managing Director at JP ICG, a management consulting and early stage venture capital firm, focused on innovative Hi-Tech companies and entrepreneurship. He is also a mentor and serves on boards of several technology startups, and an NGO. Previously, Jovan lead due diligence, analysis and portfolio tracking for a SEE oriented private equity fund with investments in natural resources, agriculture, real estate, healthcare and entertainment. He has experience managing small to large sized companies, and has successfully built and sold his first business.

Dejan Tufegdžić

Partner @ Capital Asset Management Partners d.o.o.
Dejan has over 15 years’ experience as a broker, capital markets, investment and M&A consultant and business development specialist in countries of Balkan region. He started his career in M&V Investments in 1998, and in 2003 set up his own brokerage firm Sinteza Invest Group. During 6 years, he provided brokerage and consulting services in privatization of over 150 companies in Serbia and the region. From 2006 till 2010, Dejan performed several successful acquisition projects in Serbia and the Balkan region. From 2010 to 2012, he served in Ascendant Capital Advisors Belgrade, one of the leading investment banking boutique – M&A advisor in Adriatic region, as Managing Partner for Serbia.